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Registration Terms

I will try to keep this as simple as possible, as long and boring lists of rules get overlooked and improperly enforced.

Rules for general content (this is text posts, comments, forum posts, articles, etc):

  • Do not link to child porn or child nudity of any kind.
    • This includes intentionally coercing children into sexual topics.
  • Do not link to reposts of content that are not allowed to be uploaded (torrents and similar "piracy").
  • Do not promote extremist organizations such as:
    • Nazi party (including Neo-Nazis)
    • Antifa
    • Communist party (including CCP)
    • This does not include (and will never include - this line is for posterity) groups such as Democrats and Republicans. They are not extremist organizations even if they may have a few extremist members.
  • Posts are made with the understanding that posts may not be immediately deleted due to how backups and server replication functions.
  • Further rules are based on U.S. Code: Title 47 | U.S. Code | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute (cornell.edu)

Rules for Files posts (Games, assets, videos shared in comments, etcetera):

  • Content must not contain child porn or child nudity (yes, this includes videogame characters).
  • Uploader must have permission to upload the mod and all of its content, if you are not the original author of said content.
  • Files are uploaded with the understanding that this site does have backups, and deleted content will remain on a backup server temporarily after deletion (no more than a few weeks, depending on backup cycle)
  • Further rules are: U.S. Code: Title 47 | U.S. Code | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute (cornell.edu)

Booru Post rules:

  • If the image is not your own, then ask permission from artist before posting. 
  • All images must be about a game or an asset file hosted on the site
    • for games:
      • Game screenshots are allowed.
      • Fan art of the game is allowed.
      • Videos/gifs of in game content is allowed.
      • Cosplaying a game character is allowed.
    • For assets:
      • Pictures of prints are allowed
      • "remixes" (ie: character asset here placed in a different scene you made) is allowed

For recipients:

  • Games and assets are provided "as is" by their author. Asking for updates is permissible but be aware that stressed authors are less likely to engage with the community, which means less updates. Do not expect authors to cater to your whims.
  • The default "permissions" for games when no other is provided by the game developer are to be assumed as:
    • Do not repost without permission from the author.
    • Do not resell.
    • Do not claim to own.
    • Modifications of the game must not include original assets (textures, meshes) of the game but may include functions (scripts) to allow modification to those functions.
  • The default "permissions" for assets when no other is provided by the asset creator are to be assumed as:
    • Do not repost without permission from the author.
    • Do not resell.
    • Do not claim to own.
    • Do not modify and repost.
  • The following allowances are consistently made:
    • While the game is on your computer, you can do whatever you want with it, such as backups, modify locally, etc.
    • You may keep and store multiple versions and copies for your own use.
    • These above two allowances do not apply to uploading to a service for reposting such as a page on itch.io.
    • Making addons of a similar form or function of a mod is allowed.

For authors:

  • You are not required to cater to the whims of users.
    • If you sell a game here, then you may be required to fix insecurities.
      • You are not required to add or remove features simply because a user (includes staff and moderators) wishes you would.
      • Insecurities you will be required to fix only pertains to removing virus type content, such as hidden mining software, key loggers, location tracking, and other similar intrusions of privacy.
  • You are not required to taper your politics to the community. Everyone here hopefully is big enough to accept that your game might go against them. 
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